Effective teamworking and communications using KAI

  • Extensive use of A-I theory and the KAI instrument to provide insight to problem solving teams, individuals and managers to enable improved teamworking and communications.
  • Analysed KAI questionnaires, provided individual feedback.
  • Coached and advised teams to optimise performance.

Patient Care Clinical Pathways Review

  • Assessed efficiency of existing patient care clinical pathways.
  • Interviewed Doctors, Patient Coordinators and Nurses.
  • Reviewed workload and current workflows.
  • Recommendations for process and systems improvements and change management initiatives presented and discussed at Board Level.

New Business Models for Business Expansion

  • Supported the whole journey from a blank piece of paper through to pilot launch and selection of new business ideas.
  • Running of ideation workshops and development of business model propositions with viability analysis supported by external market research and case studies. 
  • Tactical workplan development and client support for pilot launches targeting retailers and consumers.

Interactive Business Case for Business Launch

  • Created an interactive P&L-based business case to aid with full launch strategy and funding of a new spin-off business being incubated within a large corporation.
  • Business case over 5 years with maximum modelling flexibility in the first 18 months to allow for launch and rollout scenario simulation.
  • Best case / worst case scenario simulation and sensitivity analysis per geographic region. Designed to be used over the whole project lifetime with real performance data being used to populate the model and inform real time strategic decisions.