Welcome to In-Alto

In-Alto is a professional services firm specialised in process, product and business innovation consulting.

We work collaboratively at all levels within organisations to:

  • Introduce and manage change
  • Enhance innovation delivery capability
  • Manage and support the innovation lifecycle

Why choose us?

  • Ability: In-Alto consultants come from a variety of professional backgrounds and our team marries the customer-focused, delivery-oriented ethos of management consultants with the pragmatism gained through years of work in industry positions. We have learnt what works and what doesn’t the hard way: from experience.
  • Reliability: We want to become your trusted go-to business partner and we’ll go the extra mile to beat your expectations every time. It is a fact that some of our client relationships date back over 10 years.
  • Flexibility: We don’t need full-time big-team type projects, even if we have experience of delivering those too! In-Alto consultants apply the same level of enthusiasm to every assignment regardless of its size.